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Fall Semester Events

October 20 -23, 2021: Discover Creation Series, 6:30 pm, Bruininks Hall, Room 220

Join us for for this great series of three nights on campus and one night at Maranatha church.

Former evolutionists, Dave and Mary Jo Nutting, from Alpha Omega Institute will show how the Bible’s version of earth history, not evolution, matches observations of our natural world.

I. Blind Chance or Grand Design? Wednesday, 10/21

II. Was Darwin Wrong? So Called “Proofs” of Evolution Fail. Thursday, 10/21

III. Geology: Lots of Water? Lots of Time? Friday, 10.22

Parts I – III begin at 6:30 pm each night in Bruininks Hall Room 220

Q & A will follow each one-hour presentation.

IV. Creation Tour of Yellowstone National Park. Saturday, 10/23

Part IV is 7 pm at Maranatha Church – 315 10th Ave SE, Minneapolis, MN

Full Details can be found HERE

Fall ’21 Contact Tables: Fridays in Coffman Union Ground floor 12:30 – 4pm

Weekly Sidewalk Evangelism

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