Campus House

campus house

The Maranatha campus house is a house of abundant life and a testimony of the Lord’s presence, both to the University and to the neighborhood. Located in an area known for its party culture, the house sits strategically on the west side of campus. A huge banner across the top of the campus house proclaiming, “JESUS CHRIST IS LORD of The University of Minnesota,” makes it easy to identify who we are and what we believe. The campus house is an activity center for the dynamics of Christian living. It is a sanctuary to the Lord where the Kingdom of God can be experienced. Jesus is placed in the highest place of every believer’s heart. Students can come in and find refuge from the storms of everyday college pressure. It is a place of fellowship where Christ-centered relationships are nurtured and developed. As a result, it is a place of anointing and healing, where the addictive powers of the world are broken. The bondage to sin no longer hinders the power of God in the believer’s life. Weekly prayer meetings and Bible studies help to equip each believer for every good work.

The campus house is also a place of training in the graces and disciplines of following Jesus with a whole heart. As each person receives the blessings of God, they learn to grow in grace. The Maranatha campus house is a fellowship dedicated to raising future Christian leaders who serve God’s purposes. These young men and women pursue the opportunity to present the gospel. They are laying a foundation of righteousness for future generations of U of M students and even societies around the world. Most of all, the campus house is a safety zone and a lighthouse of holy living in a sin-darkened community. From here, the truth of Jesus is presented daily, and advances in wave after wave of evangelism to dorm rooms, classrooms and areas of employment within the University community, challenging the present politically correct thinking with the power of the Gospel of Life in Jesus Christ.