Costa Rica

Jesucristo es el Senor de la Universidad de Costa Rica!

Scott and Tricia Leisner are missionaries to Costa Rica sent out by Maranatha Christian Church. Scott has been in Costa Rica for 20 years, and Tricia joined him 9 years ago. They have had a campus house and church in San Pedro (San Jose, Costa Rica) since the year 2000. Now, they minister together, along with their three children, to students, professionals and families on campus and in the campus house where they live. Their ministry begins on the home front, raising their family in the university city and reaches the campus through individual and in group evangelism using questionnaires and Bible studies. The church, Comunidad Cristiana Maranatha, meets twice a week in the campus house, and in a house in nearby neighborhood Barrio Pinto. God is using each of these times to reach a different crowd of people living in and around the campus area.




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